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14 January 2020

Gomel to host first regional cadet ball

The first regional cadet ball will take place in Gomel on 14 January, BelTA learned from the Gomel regional house for students and vocational education workers.

The Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace is the perfect venue for the ball. The residence will see 165 cadets swirling in a dance. "The atmosphere of the palace creates a perfect setting for dancing the polonaise, the minuet, the mazurka, the padegras, the polka and the waltz. These six dances are included in the ball program," said the organizers of the event.

The 1st-4th-year students of the Gomel state cadet school will hit the dance floor. Natasha Rostova styled dresses were designed specifically for the girls. The free flowing silhouettes of the outfits accentuate the gentle beauty of the girls. Besides, hairdressers and makeup artists will also contribute to the stunning images of the female participants.

The administrator and the hostess of the ball will set the tone for the formal evening. The arias and the classical music will also add to the atmosphere. The polonaise will be the ball opener, while the waltz will wrap up the night.

The event is organized by the education department of the Gomel Oblast Executive Committee, the Gomel regional house for students and vocational education workers and the Gomel state cadet school.

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