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Address: 42 Sovetskaya Street,
Lelchitsy, 247841

Е-mail: isp@lelchitsy.gov.by

Phone/fax: (+375 2356) 4 22 10


There are 69 establishments of culture: 28 libraries including the central regional library, regional children’s library, rural children’s library and a club-library, 24 rural libraries, 34 clubs including the regional house of culture, 17 rural houses of culture, 11 rural clubs, 6 social services stations, a club-library, the children’s arts school with three filial branches in the villages of Tonezh, Buinovichi and Simonichi, a museum of local lore, a house of crafts and an auto-club.

There are 149 clubs in the region including 80 - for children and teenagers.

The book catalogue of the Lelchitsy region has 231,870 items. On average, every cultural establishment is subscribed to 35 periodicals.

Six arts companies of the region were bestowed the title “national”. The national company “Zhuravinka” of the Sloboda rural house of culture boasts the title of “the distinguished amateur company of the Republic of Belarus”.