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Historical and Cultural Heritage

The Lelchitsy region has 80 historical, architectural and archeological monuments. Of them, one is an architectural monument, 10 – archeological, 69 – historical monuments including 36 military burial places, six burial places of victims of the Nazis, seven remembrance places, 20 monuments to the countrymen who fell in various wars and four other monuments.

The village of Danilevichi homes a natural monument of republican importance – the great oak. Its height is 32m, the diameter – 1,6m and it is 4,5m in circumference.

The village of Tonezh is a memorial compound commemorating the victims of the Nazis. Some 260 civilians are buried there. On January 6, 1943 a German punitive unit burst into the village and forced the locals to gather in the square near the church to exchange documents. The elderly people, those who could not move by themselves and those who tried to hide, were immediately killed. The villagers who converged in the square were crammed into the church which was then set on fire. Some 108 victims were children under 15.

In 1955 an obelisk was erected on the burial place. In 1994 a memorial compound was created.

The village of Pribolovichi hosts a Church of the Patronage of the Mother of God. In 1797 parishioners built a chapel of the Patronage of the Mother of God in the Pribolovichi cemetery. In 1825 the chapel was reconstructed and enlarged. It has been a church ever since.

Today the Church of the Patronage of the Mother of God in the village of Pribolovichi is monument of wooden architecture of the 18th century.