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Address: 42 Sovetskaya Street,
Lelchitsy, 247841

Е-mail: isp@lelchitsy.gov.by

Phone/fax: (+375 2356) 4 22 10




The district is supplied with electricity by the Mozyr Electric Networks branch of the Gomel Republican Unitary Electricity Enterprise Gomelenergo. The branch's backbone substation, from which electricity is distributed through networks of various voltage levels to end consumers, is the 110 kV Lelchitsy substation. Power of the nodal substation 110 kV "Lelchitsy".  

The transport system of the district consists of 2 republican roads P-36 "Mozyr-Lelchitsy-Milosevici- Ukrainian border " and P-128 "Turov-Lelchitsy-Slovechno" and a network of local highways. The length of public roads is 591 kilometers, of which 498 kilometers are hard-surfaced. 46.5% of the district's highways, due to the expired service life, require major repairs.

Lelchitsa region is provided with services of cellular mobile telecommunications, data transmission, broadband access to the global Internet, radio and television broadcasting and mail. Telecommunication services are provided by the regional telecommunication center of the Mozyr zonal telecommunication center of the Gomel branch of the republican unitary telecommunication enterprise "BELTELECOM".

Postal services are rendered by 20 subdivisions of the Lelchitsky post office of the Mozyr regional post office of the Gomel branch of the republican unitary enterprise of postal communications "BELPOCHTA". 

Water use in the region is carried out exclusively from underground sources of water supply; 78 artesian wells are operated. Every year, about 1.2 million m3 of water is extracted from underground sources , of which about 50% is used for household and drinking needs, 1% for industrial needs, and 45% for agricultural purposes. There are 26 unused wells in the region subject to plugging, the abandonment of which will be completed in 2023.