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Lelchitskoye brown coal deposit

Deposit characteristics

Located 1.5 km south of the settlement. Lelchitsy.
Seam width - from 600 to 1600 m. Length - 8 km. Depth - from 80 m to 225 m. The thickness of the coal seam varies from 2-3 m to 13.30 - 14.10 m.

Brown coal reserves

Explored commercial coal reserves within the Northern section are B + C1 - 94.7 million tons, preliminary estimated - 64.2 million tons

Field complexity group

2nd group of complexity (a field with a simple geological structure, but with complex or very complex mining and geological conditions of development)

Coal quality indicators



Mass fraction of total moisture

from 15.2% to 36.6% (average 23.82%)

C middle layer ash content of dry fuel

19.94-56.8% (average 30.15%)

Estimated average reservoir net calorific value of working fuel

3232-4529 kcal/kg (average 3904 kcal/kg)

Yield of volatile substances

32.55-45.59% (average 42.08%)

Mass fraction of total sulfur

0.95-4.38% (average 2.15%)

Mass fraction of organic sulfur

0.04-1.11% (average 0.79%)

Silica content (SiO2)

38.38-56.85% (average 46.95%)

Content of aluminum oxide (Al2O3)

24.13-34.50% (average 29.61%)

Content CaO+ М gO

5.43-10.07% (average 8.25%)

Lower calorific value of working fuel

varies from 3198 to 4766 kcal/kg.

Usage: can be used as an energy raw material for generating electricity. To improve the energy properties of coal, it is recommended to use dry enrichment methods using two or three- product pneumatic separators with a dust collection system. Preparatory operations before pneumoseparation - classification by machine classes and drying of coal