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Peat and sapropel deposits Milosevici

Peat and sapropel deposits Milosevici

Deposit characteristics

Located in the Lelchitsky district Gomel region

Mineral reserves

peat (category A) - 245.3 thousand tons; sapropel (category A) - 312.1 thousand tons






for the preparation of composts, mixtures with mineral fertilizers and lime, for the production of peat-ammonia and peat-mineral-ammonia fertilizers, peat-humus cubes and greenhouse-greenhouse soil mixtures

for the production of complex fertilizers; component of composts; mineral and vitamin preparations for feeding animals and poultry


in ophthalmology, balneology, gynecology, veterinary medicine; as well as for the preparation of pharmaceuticals

as therapeutic mud for the production of medicinal preparations

building sector

as a low heat-conducting and sound-proof material

of porous ceramic products, agloporite , heat-insulating materials, a binder for fibreboard

when drilling wells  


as a component of drilling fluids, lightweight cement slurries for casing wells


as a biofuel and also for gas production