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Bentonite clay deposit Ostrozhanskoe

Deposit characteristics

located 35 km northeast of the town of Lelchitsy, 2.3 km southwest of the village of Ostrozhanka .
Average depth - 21 meters. Average thickness - 8.7 meters

Reserves of bentonite clays

For categories A + B + C1 - 12.282 million tons, C2 - 10.0 million tons

Use: a promising raw material base for molding materials for foundry production, the production of clay powders for drilling fluids, the production of waterproofing materials that may be in demand during construction, and in the future - for pelletizing iron ore concentrates

Note: at the moment, the development of a technology for modifying bentonite clays for the preparation of drilling fluids and increasing the efficiency of construction of boreholes for various purposes is being carried out. The developed technology is based on the use of brucite and burnt magnesia, which can be products of the processing of magnesium chloride raw materials, which, when developing a carnallite deposit, will ensure the complexity of their use. Patent information studies on the problem of modifying bentonite clays have been carried out. The analysis of the mining and geological conditions of the Ostrozhanskoye deposit was carried out and the locations of the planned wells were determined for the selection of a representative technological sample of bentonite clays.
The domestic industry is experiencing import dependence in bentonite. Its annual need for foundry production is 120 thousand tons, for drilling operations - 15 thousand tons, for construction - 15 thousand tons.