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Address: 42 Sovetskaya Street,
Lelchitsy, 247841

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Quarry of Hope

The deposit of facing stone "Quarry of Hope"

Deposit characteristics

Located 2.5 km south of the village of GlushkovichiLelchitsy district, at a distance of 76 km from the Zhitkovichi railway station, 53 km from the Olevsk railway station of the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine. The mineral is represented by migmatites.
Average overburden thickness - 2.7 m, maximum - 7 m

Mineral reserves

Industrial reserves of facing stone as of January 1, 2012 are 3416.9 thousand m 3 in categories A + B + C1 , including:
fresh migmatites suitable for block mining - 3284 thousand m 3; affected by weathering and fresh fractured migmatites for crushed stone - 132.9 thousand m3

Use: suitable as a raw material:
- fresh migmatites - for producing facing blocks and slabs for exterior and interior cladding of buildings and structures, flooring, decorative slabs, wall stones from rocks, side and rubble stones, as well as paving stones; - affected by weathering and fresh fractured migmatites - for the production of crushed stone for road construction