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Why Lelchitsky district

Among the main tasks contributing to the economic recovery of the region are the development of knowledge-intensive industries, increasing export potential, increasing food production, and housing construction. The region is interested in both private domestic and foreign investments. The inflow of foreign investment contributes to the development of the economy and the improvement of the quality of life of the population, the effective functioning of enterprises of various forms of ownership, the internationalization of the market for goods, capital, and labor.
 Lelchitsy district forms the urban settlement of Lelchitsy, located on the left bank of the Ubort River (a tributary of the Pripyat) and 73 settlements, administratively united into 12 village councils. The region is located at the southern borders of the republic and is part of the southern agro-climatic zone.
In the southeast, it borders on the Ovruch and Olevsky districts of the Zhytomyr region, in the southwest - on the Rakitnyansky district of the Rivne region of Ukraine, in the east - on Yelsky, Mozyr, in the west - on the Pinsk and in the north - on the Petrikovsky and Zhitkovichsky districts.
The geographical area of the district is 322131 hectares.
The territory of the region is predominantly flat. There are 24 rivers with a total length of 494 kilometers, many swamps and wetlands, lakes, and reservoirs, especially in the floodplain of the Ubort River.
The flora and fauna of the region are the richest storehouses of nature. On the territory of the region, you can find rare species of flora and fauna listed in the Red Book: meadow sage, curly lily, lady's slipper, shady sedge, lynx, Bialowieza bison, loon, marsh turtle.
There are Belarusians - 95%, Russians - 2%, Ukrainians - 2%, and other nationalities (Jews, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz) - 1%.
There are 114 monuments of history, architecture, and archeology on the territory of the region. Of these, 76 historical monuments (43 military burials, 6 graves to victims of fascism, 7 memorial sites, 20 monuments to perished fellow countrymen), 33 archeology, 1 architectural monument, and 4 other monuments.
In 2003, 7 monuments of history, architecture, and archeology of the Lelchitsy region were given the status of historical and cultural values of the Republic of Belarus. They were assigned the 2nd category (of republican significance). In 2004, 8 monuments were assigned the 3rd category (regional significance), including 3 monuments of archeology - burial mounds of early feudalism in the village of Osov, the village of Miloshevichi, and the village of Dubnitskoye.
A part of the Mozyr fortified area "Stalin Line" (45 bunkers with a length of up to 70 km.) Runs on the territory of the Lelchitsy region.
 In the village of Danilevichi, there is a natural monument of republican significance - the tsar-oak. Height - 32 meters, diameter - 1.6 meters, circumference - 4.5 meters.
 Miloshevichi, Glushkovichi, Pribolovichi, Tonezh became the symbolic "sisters" of Khatyn.
In the center of Tonezh is a memorial complex to the victims of fascism.
In the village of Borovoe, the village of Miloshevichi, the village of Zabolotye, the village of Dzerzhinsk, the village of Glushkovichi, there are cruciform pagan idols (stone crosses), which belong to archeological monuments.
On the territory of the Lelchitsky district there is a part of the Pripyatsky National Park; reserved seed stand: of republican significance - biological Bukchansky; local importance - hydrological Berin, Zaruchevye, Zasadishche, Lokhnitskoye, Lelchitskoye, Lugovoye, Manchitskoye, Nevitsa, Rechitsa, Topilovskoye.
The area of agricultural land is 46.474 thousand hectares, of which arable land - 25.048 thousand hectares, meadowlands - 15.342 thousand hectares, including improved - 13.342 thousand hectares, perennial plantations (gardens) - 0.011 thousand hectares.
The agro-industrial complex of the district is represented by 9 farms: Novaya Niva, Zvezda Polesya, Pribolovichi, Zarya Polesya, Put Ilyicha, Sinpolskoe, Udarny, Stodolichi, "Lelchitskiy agro service".
The region's industry is represented by 3 enterprises: crushed stone plant "Glushkevichi" Butkovsky ", "Lelkom ".
In addition, on the territory of the district, there are 2 construction organizations (OJSC "Lelchitskaya PMK-103", DRSU-153), 2 organizations of transport (production site of the town of Lelchitsy of the AP-2 branch of Mozyr, DEU-42), a district center electrical communications, 25 structural divisions of postal communications work.
On the territory of the district, two forestry enterprises produce a wide range of products: sawn timber, sawn timber, container, rounded timber.
The district education system includes 41 institutions.
The sphere of vocational education is represented by the educational institution "Lelchitsa State Professional Lyceum", which trains more than 300 students in various specialties.
Medical assistance to the population is provided in 29 treatment-and-prophylactic structural subdivisions of the health care institution "Lelchitsa Central District Hospital", including a district hospital for 133 beds, a polyclinic for 150 visits per shift, 1 district hospital, 2 nursing care hospitals, 20 paramedic and obstetric points, 4 outpatient clinics of general practitioners.
There are 5 cultural institutions with the status of a legal entity in the district, including State Institution "Lelchitsky District Center of Culture and Folk Art" (film video center and 23 club institutions), State Institution "Lelchitsky District Centralized Library System" (20 libraries), State Institution "District House of Crafts in Lelchitsy), State Educational Institution "Children's Art School in Lelchitsy", State Institution "Lelchitsy Museum of Local Lore".
 There is a territorial center for social services for the population.
There is a specialized children's and youth school of the Olympic reserve, a district physical culture and sports club, and numerous sports facilities for organized sports and recreation work.
Trade services for the population of the Lelchitsa region are carried out by 288 trade objects of trade organizations and individual entrepreneurs with a trading area of 16.4 thousand sq. M.
The public catering network consists of 36 facilities with 1237 seats.
4 auto shops serve sparsely populated settlements.
Socially significant consumer services in the region are provided mainly by the consumer services plant, “V.P. Butkovsky "and 8 checkpoints and " Uwe Müller ".
Main motives for investing
to Lelchitsy district:
• social tranquility, economic stability, legal security, state guarantees;
• high educational level of workers and employees;
• availability of resources for the development of the agro-industrial complex;
• active support by government structures of productive investment, the elimination of any unjustified restrictions on foreign investment.