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22 March 2018

Belarus to encourage exporters to participate in international expos

MINSK(BelTA) - Belarus is developing a decree to encourage exporters to participate in international exhibitions, Evgeny Lazarev, senior adviser of the office for coordination of external economic activities at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told reporters, BelTA has learned.


When asked about the decree, Evgeny Lazarev said that such a document is currently being developed. “This is not a simple document. We need to clearly identify and agree on the criteria when assistance shall be provided. It should be targeted and effective. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working on the document together with other stakeholders,” he said.


Evgeny Lazarev noted that work is underway to develop the necessary legal framework to make sure the budgetary funds are used by exporters in the most efficient way as they prepare for international exhibitions.