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7 March 2018

Statistics reveal average Belarusian woman

MINSK (BelTA) – As of early 2018 there were 5.1 million women in Belarus, or 53.4% of the country's total population. More than 78% of women live in cities and towns, BelTA learned from the National Statistics Committee.


The average Belarusian woman was 42.6 years old as of early 2017. Women living in cities are much younger than female rural dwellers (41 and 47.8 years old respectively).


Every third female engaged in economic activity had a diploma of higher education, some 16.5% had a diploma of vocational education as of early 2017.


A total of 66,200 women got married in 2017. 46,100 of them were first timers. In 2011, the average age for first-time married women in Belarus was 24.5. In 2017 it was 25.8. The average age for a remarriage was 38 (37.1 in 2011). About 1,000 women married at the age of over 60 last year.


Among the women who gave birth last year 40.2% were first-time mothers. Some 39.5% had their second child, 14.7% third child, and 5.6% fourth and subsequent children.


Many Belarusian women go in for sport to be healthy and to look good. In early 2017, 25.3% of women aged 16 and above did sport regularly. Every sixth of them exercised daily, almost 42% did exercise two or three times a week.


Belarusian women are active Internet users. Last year 73.3% of women aged 16-72 were Internet users, with almost 74% of them on a daily basis. The most active Internet users were women aged 16-24. Of them 95.2% used the Internet daily.