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Tonezhskoye brown coal deposit

Deposit characteristics

It is located in the southwestern part of the Lelchitsky district, 48 km west of the settlement. Lelchitsy. The depth
of occurrence is 25.9-131.8 m. The thickness of the seams is from 0.2 to 19.6 m. The average thickness of the seam is 6.54 m . 20-25 million tons, Bukchakskoye (23.7 million tons), Pribylovichskoye (9.1 million tons), Rubezhskoye (12.6 million tons). Simonovichskoe and Sologubovskoye coal occurrences were identified in the area of the Tonezhskoye deposit (calculation of predicted resources was not carried out).

Brown coal reserves

Preliminarily explored reserves - 21.4 million tons, preliminary estimated - 20.6 million tons. The total for the deposit is 42 million tons.

Coal quality indicators

Ash content


natural humidity


Yield of volatile substances


Sulfur content


Carbon content


Hydrogen content


Nitrogen content


Higher specific calorific value

16.1-20.5 MJ / kg ;

Usage: can be used as an energy raw material for generating electricity, as well as for obtaining humic fertilizers and plant growth biostimulants. In addition, they are suitable for pulverized combustion in stationary power plants, as well as boiler houses equipped with a fluidized bed furnace.