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Molding sand deposit UbortskayaRudnya

Molding sand deposit UbortskayaRudnya

Deposit characteristics

is located 1.95 km south-southeast from the center of the village of UbortskayaRudnya and 25 km northeast from the center of Lelchitsy.
The size of the deposit is 450-1200x3350 m. The depth is from 0.2 to 4.8 m. The thickness of the useful stratum is from 3.3 to 12.8 m, the average for the deposit is 8.3 m.

Stocks of molding sands

C2  -34.4 million tons.

Chemical composition


from 94.88% to 98.90%,

2 O 3

from 0.07% to 2.15%, at intersections from 0.07% to 2.11%,

The content of oxides of alkaline earth and alkali metals

from 0.47% to 1.23%, at intersections from 0.65% to 1.09%.

Usage: can be used to make molds and cores in the production of castings: iron, steel and non-ferrous metals