Welcome remarks

Address: 42 Sovetskaya Street,
Lelchitsy, 247841

Е-mail: isp@lelchitsy.gov.by

Phone/fax: (+375 2356) 4 22 10

Welcome remarks

Dear friends, 

Lelchitsy District is a picturesque place of the Belarusian Polesie region! Our district fascinates with its beautiful and captivating nature, amazing forests and rivers. But our main pride and wealth are hardworking, kind, sincere, talented and hospitable people.

Thanks to their hard work and commitment, we are optimistic about the future. We have a thriving art, culture and sport scene, nurture our children to be responsible citizens and good people. We work hard to achieve social and economic development targets, run housing construction and community development projects. Trade, transportation and utilities operate steadily. Healthcare, education and culture are accessible to all in the district. We have everything in place for doing business and investing. We are open for cooperation with anyone who is interested.

We would like to invite you to the fascinating Polesie region! Come to admire the natural beauty, to holiday and explore our local landmarks. We are looking forward to seeing you! Welcome to Lelchitsy District! 

Best wishes of peace, success, and prosperity
Sergei Dyliuk,
Lelchitsy District Executive Committee