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Lelchitsy Regional Executive Committee


22 February 2021
Belarusian Glass Company to take over management of shares of four companies Apart from that, the Council of Ministers resolution approved the Gomel Oblast Executive Committee’s request to extend the period of financial rehabilitation of the Gomel metal structures plant of the public joint-stock company Gomeloblstroi till 1 September 2025....
29 January 2021
Opinion: Only dialogue, people’s unity can help address any issue Maksim Ryzhenkov stressed that the Belarusian society and the state are striving for further development. “Indeed, we need some, maybe, broader social dialogue. It is necessary to conduct it, create [something new] on the basis that has been developed so far. We are moving forward, and we have to pass on to our children a better country, even more developed, but independent, stable and prosperous,” said the deputy head of the Belarus President Administration....
25 January 2021
Over Br4m worth of property sold on Belarusian commodity exchange in 2020 The trading session to sell a nonresidential building in Petrikov saw the highest rise in the initial price. As a result of the competition between participants of the trading session, the price of the building rose 597-fold to Br16,000....
20 January 2021
Plans to expand line-up of Belarusian farm vehicles produced in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan's largest agricultural machinery company, AgromashHolding KZ posted a 1.7-increase in the output in 2020. The company produced 429 grain harvesters and tractors in 2019 and 730 units in 2020....
6 January 2021
Gomel Eparchy donates medical equipment to Gomel hospitals “The Gomel Eparchy and Gomel’s healthcare facilities have a long history of cooperation. It has become a good tradition to visit healthcare facilities of the city ahead of Christmas. The pandemic has altered our plans, but still it did not prevent us from running this Christmas campaign,” the eparchy noted....
3 December 2020
Belarusian steel mill BMZ’s export to Romania nearly 90% up in January-October The increase in sales is attributed to changes on the Romanian domestic market. In particular, the demand for imported metal products in Romania soared due to falling steel production in the European Union caused by counter-epidemic measures. BMZ promptly responded to meet the demand....

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