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Mineral resources of the Lelchitsy region

Mineral resources

The area is rich in various mineral resources: sapropels, peat, brown coals, facing stone, bentonite clays and others.

Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated April 4, 2011 No. 431 approved the Program for the development of mineral deposits and the development of the mineral resource base of the Republic of Belarus for 2011-2015 and for the period up to 2020 , which defines a list of mineral deposits planned for development, including the Lelchitsky region, which includes the Lelchitsky , Mozyr and Elsky districts of the Gomel region with a total area of 6.2 thousand square meters.km .

burcoals: theLelchitskoye deposit is located 1.5 km. south of the town of Lelchitsy. The volume of explored reserves is 77.3 million tons (difficult hydrogeological conditions of extraction and insufficient amount of brown coal reserves make the development of the server section of the deposit economically unfeasible);
Tonezhskoye deposit - 42 million tons;
Bukchanskoye coal occurrence (forecast resources - 23.7 million tons), Borovskoye coal occurrence (forecast resources - 25 million tons) , Pribylovichskoe coal occurrence ( forecast resources - 9.1 million tons), Rubezhskoye coal occurrence (forecast resources - 12.6 million tons);

facing stone: Glushkovichi deposit (Nadezhdy Quarry site) - the deposit is located 2.5 km south of the village of Glushkovichi , at a distance of 76 km from the railway station.Zhitkovichi. Commercial reserves amount to 3.4 million cub.m. , preliminary estimated - 1.2 million tons (facing material - blocks and facing slabs);

building stone: Glushkevichi building stone deposit (KrestyanskayaNiva site) (wall stone, cobblestone, rubble, crushed stone) - reserves are 65.7 million cubic meters.

quartz sand: the UbortskayaRudnya deposit is located 1.95 km . to the southeast from the center of the village of UbortskayaRudnya and 25 km. to the north-east of the city center Lelchitsy. The deposit requires additional exploration work. The estimated reserves of foundry sands are 34.4 million tons).

bentonite clays: the Ostrozhanskoye deposit is located 35 km north -east of the settlement. Lelchitsy, 2.3 km southwest of the village. Ostrozhanka . The volume of reserves is 12.3 million tons (it is used as a raw material for molding sands in the manufacture of metal castings, the production of bentonite powders for drilling fluids).

sapropel: Milosevici deposit ( Pribylovichi site ) - 312 thousand tons ( organo -mineral fertilizers, therapeutic mud, and liquid humic preparations).

Milosevici deposit ( Pribylovichi section ) - 245 thousand tons;
Topilovskoye deposit - 153 thousand tons (peat soils, peat for composting);
building sand: Zhmurnoye deposit - 638 thousand cubic meters ;
koalins : manifestation Glushkovichskoye - preliminary estimated reserves - 1.76 million tons;
fresh groundwater: Lelchitsy deposit - 10.5 thousand m / day .

On the basis of existing mineral deposits, it is planned to create a number of enterprises and industries:

1. Creation of an enterprise for the enrichment of bentonite clays ;
2. Creation of modern production facilities on the basis of JSC " Lelchitskyagroservice ":
- elite soybean seeds and hybrid sunflower seeds; - fuel granules ( pellets ) from peat;
- potassium humate from a mixture of peat and sapropel;
- granulated fertilizers with a prolonged effect of action based on peat and sapropel.3. Establishment of an enterprise for the extraction and processing of facing stone; 4. Construction of an enrichment plant (glass and molding sands). Taking into account the richness of the region in wild products and the water bodies and fishing grounds located in the region, it is planned to create 2 more enterprises: processing wild products and producing and processing fish products.