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27 August 2021
Lukashenko: Polesie is the salt of the Belarusian nation Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “You know my attitude to Polesie residents. Polesie is the salt of the Belarusian nation. I have always had a dream of pouring maximum effort into reviving our Polesie. I’ve always wanted to do something kind for Polesie residents.”...
25 August 2021
Million doses of Sinopharm vaccine to arrive in Belarus in early September The documents to purchase the vaccine have been approved. The ministries of foreign affairs and the embassies of the two countries actively helped the Healthcare Ministry of Belarus to formalize the purchase. ...
16 July 2021
Lukashenko: Slavianski Bazaar is one of the symbols of the rise of independent Belarus “For Belarusians, the festival has become one of the symbols of the formation of an independent state. Indeed, we had difficult times. But we retained Slavianski Bazaar. And despite all the difficulties, the festival went on,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said....
2 July 2021
Lukashenko sends Independence Day greetings to Belarusians The head of state noted that it is deeply symbolic that Belarus celebrates Independence Day on the day when its capital was liberated from the Nazi invaders. ...
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